acellfx application guide

Suggested Application Materials

  • Anesthetic Drops
  • Sterile Lid Speculum
  • Sterile Scissors
  • Sterile Forceps
  • Surgical Sponges
  • Refresh Repair, Blink, TheraTears EXTRA, or OASIS Tears Plus


Prep and clean the area around the eye.

Apply Anesthetic Drops (both Eyes)

Place speculum in position or have assistant hold lids open

Open the outer pouch

Open the inner pouch containing the AcellFX allograft


Use scissors to cut both pouches one-quarter inch from the AcellFX graft

Carefully open the inner pouch exposing AcellFX and grasp the graft using the Blythe Medical amnio-forceps.

Use a surgical sponge to dry the cornea and remove loose cells from application area

PLEASE NOTE: AcellFX Acellular Amniotic Membrane adheres best to a dry surface area

Place AcellFX in the desired location

Place a BCL over the cornea or patch the eye

Instruct patient to use Refresh Repair, Blink, TheraTears Extra or OASIS Tears Plus four times a day (minimum)