AcellFX Acellular Amnion Graft powered by Blythe Medical

Treating Dry Eye — Naturally

Why use AcellFX amniotic membrane in your practice? Because it’s better for your patients, better for your practice – treating eyes, naturally.

As you know, all ocular surface diseases and its cellular damage is multi-factorial – this also includes dry eye.

Once this cellular damage begins, the body initiates a wound healing cascade response. The first phase of the wound healing cascade is inflammation.

And regardless of the original cause, 90% of the time the result is an increase in osmolarity of the tear film in contact with the epithelium and conjunctiva. When cells come in contact with hypertonic fluid, the water is drawn from these cells, causing them to become damaged, or worse, die.

This inflammation reduces the secretions of mucins from goblet cells, aqueous from lacrimal glands and lipids from meibomian glands. In turn, these reduced secretions exacerbate the tear film hyperosmolarity, increasing new cell apoptosis and sustaining an elevated inflammatory response.

This inflammation remains as long as the signaling pathways indicate damaged or dead cells are present on the ocular surface.

Applying AcellFX amniotic membrane as early as possible creates a healthy corneal surface, achieving homeostasis and eliminating inflammation.

This allows for increased secretions of mucins, aqueous and lipids, creating a stable tear film and healthy ocular surface.

At Blythe Medical, we understand not all allografts are created equal. That’s why we’ve harnessed the power of science and nature, developing a minimally manipulated acellular allograft using a process that eliminates all potentially harmful additives like germicide and ethanol while retaining the maximum number of viable bioactive components.

Why AcellFX? It’s the best choice for your patients – naturally.