AcellFX amniotic membrane for eyes

Why Amniotic Membrane Processing Matters

Amniotic membrane is a reservoir of bioactive components that jump starts a patient’s wound healing cascade and provides the necessary bioactive reserves to ensure the repair of the ocular surface is completed.

To ensure this repair process is completed as rapidly as possible it is imperative the amniotic membrane be processed in a way that does not cause harm or delay the patient’s wound healing.

All processed amniotic membranes start with a unique and highly variable placenta.

So, why AcellFX®?

At Blythe Medical, we understand not all allografts are created equal. That’s why we’ve harnessed the power of science and nature, developing a minimally manipulated acellular allograft using a process that eliminates all potentially harmful additives like germicide and ethanol while retaining the maximum number of viable bioactive components.

After all, the goal of processing is to retain as many viable bioactive components as possible.

AcellFX is an acellular membrane that is immune privileged.

The first step in the AcellFX process is to remove fetal epithelium and maternal chorion membranes containing donor DNA that could slow or halt healing, transfer unknown communicable diseases or viruses or cause a rejection of the tissue.

AcellFX is a room temperature stable allograft that is ready to use when needed.

AcellFX tissues are never frozen or subject to “shock” thawing that could damage delicate proteins, cytokines or other molecules that play a vital role in the signaling processes of the patient’s wound healing cascade.

AcellFX is not crosslinked.

While crosslinking amniotic membrane for use as a barrier to adhesions in orthopedic cases can be a benefit to some orthopedic procedures, that is not the goal in ocular surface repair. AcellFX is processed to allow the release of bioactive components as quickly as possible allowing the repair process to start immediately upon application.

AcellFX does not use antibiotics or germicides in its process.

The decision to use antibiotics should be left to the physician, NOT a tissue processing company. This also allows for AcellFX to be used on all patients without concern for allergic reactions.

AcellFX is air dried.

This eliminates any possibility of residual ethanol being present in the tissue or any tissue damage from high heat drying or cryopreservation techniques.

AcellFX is transparent.

This allows your patient to continue seeing as their ocular surface is repaired. Many patients experience anxiety when their vision is obscured. This transparency removes the anxiety that can impede the wound healing cascade.

Why AcellFX? It’s the best choice for your patients – naturally.

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